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Tips For Caring For The Wheel Casters Of Your Rolling Carts

Moving heavy supplies around your business's facilities will likely require the use of industrial rolling carts. These carts can be essential devices, but they are frequently poorly maintained. In particular, the steel caster wheels are one of the parts of the cart that will be most likely to experience problems if they are not well maintained.

Check To Ensure The Casters Are Securely Attached To The Cart

Over the course of using your rolling carts, the wheel steel casters can start to loosen. This results from the vibrations that are generated by rolling the cart. As time passes, these vibrations can loosen the screws that hold the caster to the bottom of the cart. Every couple of weeks, you should visually inspect these screws to ensure that they are still firmly attached to the cart.

Clean The Casters Every Couple Of Days

Due to the fact that the steel casters will be close to the floor, it is possible for dirt, hair and other debris to get on the wheel. Eventually, this can cause the wheel to become jammed, which can make the cart difficult to push. Furthermore, the pressure that a jammed wheel caster experiences can be sufficient to warp it. To easily clean the casters, you may find that using a vacuum cleaner can be one of the easiest ways to remove these substances from the caster. Canned compressed air can be another effective tool for this cleaning as it will be easier for you to reach the small crevices in the wheel.

Use A Suitable Lubricant On The Wheels

The friction that can be generated by using the cart can have devastating effects on the wheel casters. In fact, it can be possible for this friction to warp these components, which can greatly increase the difficulty of pushing these carts while also requiring expensive replacements to restore the car's functionality. When applying a lubricant to your steel casters, you should always check with the manufacturer's guidelines to learn the recommended oil type as using the wrong oil can compromise the protection that the caster wheels receive.

In order to keep your employees as productive as possible, you will want to ensure that any rolling carts that they use are properly maintained so that they are easy to push. By appreciating the need regularly check the caster wheels to ensure they are secure, cleaning them to prevent jams and applying an appropriate lubricant, you can help keep these tools working for your employees.