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3 Tips On Getting, Using And Maintaining Aviation Borescopes

When you work with aircrafts, it is necessary that you continuously maintain and repair it. In order to do this, it is important that you take great care of the equipment that will allow you to handle this airplane maintenance. An aviation borescope is a part that is critically important, because they are tools that are used to inspect the airplane engine and other important parts. With this in mind, read below and use these tips to care for your aviation borescope

#1: Make sure that you have the best borescope for your planes

The main way you will be able to keep your airplane in great condition is by using only the most effective borescopes. The type of borescope that you decide on will depend on the engine cabin of the airplane and what is necessary to easily maneuver and inspect. You have a lot of types of borescopes to choose between — including rigid scopes, fiberscopes and high-definition video scopes. Shop for an aviation borescope that is manufactured and recommended for the model of airplane that you own. Choosing the right aviation borescope will give you the chance to hone in on even the finest details of your airplane's engine.

#2: Consider renting a borescope

If you do not regularly need a borescope for your airplane, it may make sense to rent as opposed to purchase. In making this decision, set up a schedule for how often you will need to inspect the engines in your fleet of airplanes. Renting a borescope can be beneficial because you will pay for it on an as needed basis and will get access to high-quality borescopes made with OEM parts. In most cases, the borescope company will also handle the repair and maintenance during the course of your rental.

#3: Get a maintenance plan for your aviation borescope

Any time that you decide to purchase and own an aviation borescope, it is critical that you take care of it. A maintenance plan gives you the best chance of getting great service out of your borescope. You can ask the aviation borescope company about any warranties or service plans at the time that you purchase your particular model. This way, you will feel positive that this aviation borescope serves you regularly and lasts through many different airplane engine inspections.

Start out with these tips and get in touch with companies that specialize in aviation borescopes.