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What Are The Benefits Of A Sigma Blade Mixer?

Sigma blade mixers are a great tool for mixing many industrial food products. Here are some of the main benefits to this product. 

Large Working Capacity

Since the sigma blade mixer is an industrial mixer with a large receptacle, it can process a high amount of dough or other viscous product at once. Some of these mixers can take up to 5,000 liters of product at once while remaining reliable and consistent. Larger batch processes mean that you will spend less time and less labor costs on your product. 

They Can Be Stationary or Tilting

Depending on the type of process you use for your product, the sigma blade mixer can be set up as a stationary or tilted machine. This will affect whether the product is top unload or bottom unload. So, the customizability of the machine makes it a bit easier to fit into a chain of production. 

They Come with Modular Designs

It's a good idea to find a sigma blade mixer with a modular design so that you can customize the different attachments in your mixer. No one product is made in the same way, so it's a great benefit to have a machine that will work with your design process. 

They Come with Different Speeds and Arm Attachments

The blade itself is customizable in a few ways. The shape of the attachment can be changed to provide fine detail mixing or swift, mass mixing procedures. The speeds of rotation can be changed to products in different stages of production as well. 

The Trough Is Jacketed

The mixing trough has a great feature so that the product can be heated or cooled at the same time it is being mixed. Heat can be applied to the jacket to keep the product at a consistent temperature, for example. Or, the jacket can be used to gradually cool a product back to room temperature as it is being mixed. 

Of course, the type of mixer that is right for your industrial product will depend on the product itself. Other types of available industrial food mixers, like the double planetary mixer, can be appropriate. While these mixers don't have all of the features of a sigma blade mixer, they take up less space and cost less to install upfront. So, consult an equipment provider to see if the sigma blade mixer or another product would be perfect for your business.