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3 Tips To Keep Employees Safe When They're Taking Out The Trash

Your employees might be the ones who are responsible for taking the trash out to the dumpster each day. In itself, this might not seem like a very dangerous job. However, it can be risky, since dumpsters are usually a bit further from the building and since they do often provide areas for a would-be criminal to hide. Of course, this does not mean that you should discontinue your employees taking the trash out. However, remembering these tips can help you ensure that your employees stay safe.

1. Keep the Area Locked

If you have a fence around your dumpster, it can be tempting to leave it unlocked, since you and your employees can then skip a step when you need to head out to the dumpster. However, it is a good idea to keep the fence locked. This can help prevent others from lurking inside, posing a risk for your employees when they are taking out the trash. Plus, it can help prevent people from digging through the dumpster or using it as a means of disposing of their own garbage, both of which you probably want to prevent.

2. Make Sure There Is Ample Lighting

Ensuring that the area around your dumpster is well-lit is another tip that you can follow if you'd like to make the area feel safer. A would-be criminal might be deterred from doing anything around the dumpster if he or she knows that the area is well-lit and that there is an increased chance of being seen. Plus, your employees might feel a lot safer if they know that there is ample lighting. Along with helping to prevent your employees from becoming the victim of some sort of crime, this can also help them avoid tripping or otherwise being hurt when they take the garbage out in the dark.

3. Send Employees Out in Pairs

There is safety in numbers. If you are truly concerned about your employees being at risk of some sort of danger when visiting the dumpster, it is not a bad idea to send them out in pairs. Going out in pairs also means there will be a second pair of hands to help with things like grabbing extra bags of trash, spare boxes, or anything else that might need to be taken out.

If you want to prevent your employees from being at risk when taking out the garbage, follow these tips. Then, your employees can feel safer when they are doing this regular chore.

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