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Three Things To Be Aware Of Before Using Steel Pipe Bollards

Steel pipe bollards are very useful and versatile architectural and design features. They can serve a variety of purposes and come in many different dimensions. It's important to understand what steel pipe bollards are, how they work, and how to improve their functioning before you have them installed.

The following are three things you should be aware of if you're planning on using steel pipe bollards as part of a new construction or as a protective feature of your worksite:

Steel pipe bollards are typically used to offer protection and security.

The primary purpose of installing steel pipe bollards is to protect an area from passing traffic or other hazards. A line of steel bollards will prevent a vehicle from breaking through and can stop both intentional and unintentional collisions against the walls of a facility.

One example of using steel bollards is putting up a line of bollards around the perimeter of a building or along just the storefront. This way, a car can not crash into the side of the building accidentally. Also, the bollards will prevent burglars from intentionally breaking in to a building by means of a vehicle collision. 

Steel pipe bollards need to be embedded deep and firmly within concrete to maximize the protection they off.

A bollard will only offer its full strength if it is properly installed. In order to install bollards, a deep auger or drill is used to put a hole in the ground at each spot where a bollard is to be placed. The hole created for bollard installation should be significantly wider than the bollard's diameter. Gravel should be placed at the bottom of the hole to offer drainage. 

After the bollard has been placed in the whole, it should be fixed in place by concrete that is poured into the hole until it is filled up. 

Putting plastic covers over bollards can offer numerous advantages.

Steel bollards will age and weaken over time. They can develop corrosion issues if they are not protected, and any paint that has been put on them may chip away eventually.

When it comes to steel bollards, visibility is very important. Bollards should be painted a bright color so that they stand out.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that bollards stay bright and highly visible through the years is to put a plastic cover over them. This cover will protect from corrosion and keep the bollard the right color. Plastic covers can even be covered with a highly reflective material that will ensure visibility at night. Contact a company, like Traffic Protectors, for more help.