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Keep Employees Safe And Prevent Disruptions While Upgrades Are Being Completed At The Power Plant That You Own

If you own and operate a power plant in your hometown and have decided to have some upgrades completed so that your building is compliant with current building codes, making sure that your crew members remain safe during work shifts and that they do not interfere with projects that are being completed by a contractor may be weighing on your mind. Use the tips below to assist in protecting your workers and preventing disruptions that could hinder the completion of the upgrades you desire. 

Hold A Meeting And Discuss Proposed Changes

Prepare your employees about impending changes by holding an informal conference in the plant's breakroom. During this time, give your staff members a brief overview of upgrades that you are seeking and a basic history concerning the contractor and crew who will be completing the work.

For example, if you are going to have new wiring installed in the building or if you have decided to enlarge the plant with an addition, give your employees details about the parts of the building that will be affected and the length of time that you plan for the project to be completed. Tell your employees that specific parts of the building will be off limits during the project and that you will provide further notice about the areas in question when it is time for the power plant construction contractor and crew to begin their work duties. 

Clearly Mark Areas Off Limits And Reinforce The Importance Of Safety Gear

Use signs or caution tape to mark areas inside of the plant that are off limits. If some of your workers normally frequent these areas, create a map that will direct them to another way to move through the power plant until the upgrades have been completed. Reinforce the importance of safety gear and check with each of your employees to make sure that they are wearing the proper gear at all times. Tell your employees to place the gear inside of lockers or hang items from hooks so that safety apparel does not get lost when employees are not actively working. 

Check In With The Contractor On A Daily Basis And Alter Plans Accordingly

After the contractor arrives to begin completing the upgrades that you have proposed, discuss at length all of the work that you would like completed and make arrangements to meet with the contractor at a specific time each day so that the contractor can provide you with updates and any problems that they have encountered while completing upgrades. Alter your plans accordingly by informing your employees of areas that will continue to be off limits and any changes concerning work duties that need to be handled.