Learning About Industrial Supplies

Help Your Employees Achieve Their Daily Goals In A Safe And Organized Manner

If you own a small vegetable and fruit cannery and are concerned about the amount of product that is produced each day, perhaps your business is in need of some upgrades. Help your workers achieve their daily goals in a safe and organized manner by implementing the options that follow. 

Install A Pneumatic Conveyor System

A pneumatic conveyor system uses vacuum technology to safely transport items from one locaton to another. A system that automatically weighs products will cut down on the amount of handling that workers are responsible for and will ensure that canned products are evenly dispersed. After having a pneumatic conveyor system installed, take the time to train your employees so that they are confident while working alongside the conveyor system.

Periodically check on the status of your workers to make sure that they are following the guidelines that you have given them. Make sure that the conveyor system is inspected each year by a professional company, such as HAF Equipment Inc., so that the system continues to operate properly. 

Assign A Quality Control Team

If your facility lacks a quality control team, you are setting your workers up for failure and could potentially lose customers if products are sold that do not meet the criteria that you require. Assign a few of your employees to work on a quality control team.

Before the team gets started, educate the membres by telling them what you would like the end result to be and any issues that you wish to be brought to your attention. Assign the quality control team members to various sections of the cannery and ask that each person report back to you at the end of their shift so that underlying quality issues can be addressed and resolved. 

Request That Products Are Boxed And Labeled

Avoid the possibility of canned products becoming lost or damaged by asking your employees to box and label cans at the end of each day. After boxes are prepared, they can be stacked along a wall in the cannery until you are ready to ship the products or have them picked up by customers.

If you have large orders that need to be prepared, request that your employees identify the orders with color coded labels. A specific order can be assigned a color so that orders do not become mixed up with other orders. Simply create a list that identifies the color for each order and provide your employees with plenty of color coded labels so that they can label boxes as needed.