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4 Facts Regarding Renting A Trailer-Mounted Boiler

If you have a commercial project that needs a temporary boiler on-site, you should consider renting a trailer-mounted boiler. There are many places that offer different types of boiler rentals, so finding one should not prove difficult. Check out these four facts regarding renting a trailer-mounted boiler, so you know what to expect.

You May Need to Hire an Operator

Ideally, you'll have a staff member who knows how to operate a trailer-mounted boiler, but if not, it's in your best interest to hire one. Boilers can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, so you may need to hire a new engineer permanently or temporarily who is skilled and trained in using boilers. Some rental companies may provide operators at an additional fee, but you may need to find one on your own.

They Are Simple To Install

As long as you have someone who can use the boiler, trailer-mounted boilers are easy to install. The reason so many people love renting trailer-mounted boilers is because they are so easy to setup. They are mounted on highway-legal trailers. In other words, when you need the trailer, you simply call the rental company, and they can drive it to you. Plus, because the boiler stays on the trailer, there is no need to rent cranes to load and unload the boiler.

You May Need Additional Insurance Coverage

If you rent a boiler, you may need additional insurance coverage, depending on your state laws. In some cases, the general liability insurance is enough to cover any damages or injuries caused by the boiler, but in some states, you may need to get specific boiler insurance or something similar. Even if your state doesn't require you to have special insurance, make sure to speak with your insurance carrier to determine if your general liability insurance maximum payout is enough to cover the risks of the boiler.

The Rental Company Provides the Equipment  

In most cases, the rental company is only responsible for providing the equipment, including the boiler, trailer, fan, flue gas outlet stack, etc. It does not usually include fuel, so you'll need to purchase it separately. Many companies may also require you to pay extra for some services, such as pickup and delivery of the boiler.

If you only need a boiler for a short amount of time for your upcoming project, don't waste money by buying your own. You can rent a boiler, which can save you a lot of money. For more information about boiler rental, contact an auxiliary equipment rental company in your area today.